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Civilians Killed in Satanic US Air Raid on Ambulance in Eastern Syria

12 November 2017 16:39


The US-led coalition attack drones targeted an ambulance carrying the injured in Deir Ezzur province, killing over 10 civilians and several rescuers, local sources reported on Sunday.

The sources said that the drones attacked the ambulance in Tal (hill) al-Shayer region near the village of al-Da’eiji in Deir Ezzur province near the border with Iraq, destroying the ambulance and killing 10 civilians and several rescuers.

Local sources confirmed on Saturday that a number of civilians were killed and several more were wounded in the US-led coalition airstrikes in Northern Deir Ezzur.

The sources said that the fighter jets bombed the settlement of Harizeh in al-Basireh region in Northern Deir Ezzur, killing five civilians and wounding several others.

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