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Iraqi Army speeds along the Euphrates River, closes in on last ISIS bastion

14 November 2017 16:59


Five new villages were liberated in the latest push by the Iraqi Armed Forces in Anbar Province as government forces inched their way towards the ISIS-controlled town of Rawa.

Following the capture of six villages on November 11, the Iraqi Army’s seasonsed 9th Division – heavily reinforced by the Popular Mobilation Units (PMU) – imposed full control over Samah, Mulayli, Rumia, Jabariyah, and Bubiya on Tuesday morning.

These villages are all located on the northern bank of the Euphrates River; their capture will serve as a lauching pad for further operations to reach the outskirts of Rawa, the last major town under ISIS control.

Due to recent advances by Iraqi troops in western Anbar, the entire southern side of the Euphrates River is already restored under government control. However, ISIS still controls some territory adjacent to Lake Qadisiyah.

With mechanized contingents hunting for ISIS insurgents across Anbar, government forces are expected to reach the western outskirts of Rawa in the coming days.

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