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Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses at Strategic Base in Eastern Damascus

18 November 2017 9:46


The Syrian Army managed to fight off Ahrar Al-Sham’s attack on Regiment 46 base in Harasta region in Eastern Damascus last night, a military source said Friday.

The source said that Ahrar Al-Sham and their allies from the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) Al-Rahman Corps began the assault by storming Regiment 46 base from their positions at the recently captured Syrian Army command post.

Unable to penetrate the Syrian Army’s frontlines, Ahrar Al-Sham and their allies were forced to retreat in order to avoid sustaining anymore casualties near Regiment 46 base.

Field reports said that hundreds of soldiers from the army have arrived at the vehicle base and Regiment 46 to counteract their recent losses in Eastern Damascus.

The Syrian Army is expected to launch a counterattack in the coming hours.

The army troops first engaged in fierce clashes with terrorists in Eastern Ghouta on Wednesday, fending off their heavy offensive.

The army men warded off terrorists’ offensive on the pro-government forces’ positions in the town of Harasta, killing tens of militants and destroying their equipment.

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