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ISIL presence in the Euphrates threatened by new Syrian Army advance

23 November 2017 12:43


Units from the Syrian Arab Army’s elite Tiger Forces have captured the entire ISIS pocket between the towns of Al-Salhiyah and Diban.

The Tiger Forces had besieged the pocket earlier this fall after their successful operation on ISIS’s former capital of Mayadeen before they were deployed to Deir Ezzor on a special mission to restore security to the embattled provincial capital.

Soon after clearing the city from militant presence, the Tiger Forces were tasked with rooting out ISIS from the villages between Mayadeen and the recently liberated city of Albukamal on the Iraqi border. Seizing this area will strip ISIS of its last remaining population centers in Syria expelling them to the unforgiving and inhospitable dunes of the Syrian Badiya where they will await their destined demise.

So far, the captured villages are Ajrama, Al-Safsafeh, Qaso Um Saba, Al-Jadleh, Al-Duwyar, Abu Jasem Canyon, Gharbiyah, Sabikhan, and Sourat Al-Kashmeh – all of which are located on the western banks of the Euphrates.

The Syrian command is looking to wrapping up the battle in eastern Syria before redeploying the bulk of the Syrian Army’s shock troops and offensive units to northern Syria in order to bring a decisive end to Al-Qaeda’s dominance over Idlib province.

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