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Lebanon State Security: ‘Ziad Itani’ Arrested on Charges of Collaborating with israeli Enemy

25 November 2017 12:21


State Security arrested on 23/11/2017 the Lebanese Actor and Playwright, Ziad Ahmed Itani, on charges of collaborating and communicating with the Israeli enemy, State Security Directorate General said in a communiqué on Friday.

After several months of monitoring, follow-up and investigations within and outside Lebanese territories, a specialized unit of the State Security, under direct instructions and orders from the Director General, Major General Tony Saliba, managed to virtually confirm the offenses against the suspect Ziad Itani.

During interrogation, Itani confessed to his charges, and acknowledged the tasks he was assigned to implement in Lebanon.

Itani acknowledged that he was tasked to monitor a group of high-level political figures, and consolidate relationships with their close associates, in order to get the most details about their lives and jobs and focus on their movements.

He was also tasked to provide them with extensive information on two prominent political figures, whose identity will be disclosed in subsequent statements.

The General Directorate follows up on this dossier under the supervision of the concerned judiciary.

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