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Jaafari: Iraq Involved in “Unconventional World War” against Terrorism

26 November 2017 21:09


Iraq was involved in an “unconventional world war” against terrorism, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said.

During a meeting with Romanian Minister of Education Livio Pop in Bucharest, Jaafari said, “The anti-terror war has not started in Iraq, and it might not end there.”

“Iraqi troops have made great sacrifices in their fight against terrorism, which targets the whole world,” he said, adding that the unity of the Iraqi people has been the main reason for the great victory over terrorist groups in the country.

“ISIL militants, who came from over 124 countries, are capable of carrying out more terrorist attacks in other states,” he pointed out.

“ISIL gangs have adopted an ideology to recruit children and spread the culture of murder and destruction everywhere,” he said, calling on the international community to stand up to this terrorist plot and fund the reconstruction of ISIL-liberated areas in Iraq as soon as possible.

Pop, meanwhile, stressed his country’s support for Iraq in its fight against terrorism and voiced his keenness to boost cooperation with Baghdad in the field of education.

He also welcomed Iraqi students, who seek to study at the Romanian universities, saying that he is ready to increase the number of scholarships offered to them.

“Romania is ready to give a push to the field of technical and vocational education in Iraqi,” he concluded.

At the end of the meeting, Jaafari invited the Romanian minister to visit Baghdad soon to probe means of boosting prospects of cooperation between the two countries.

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