Leader’s Top Military Aide: Iran’s Influence in West Asia Increased by Resistance Front’s Victories


Top Military Aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi underlined that the resistance front’s victories against the US and its allies in the region have increased Iran’s influence in West Asia.

“Iran’s influence has increased in the world, specially West Asia, by the resistance front’s victories in the region,” General Rahim Safavi said in an interview with the state TV on Sunday.

He stressed that the US and its allies have been experiencing repeated failures in attaining their strategic goals in the region in the last 16 years, and said, “These failures show the Islamic Iran’s might and influence in the region.”

“The Americans and Zionists also failed in their plots to overthrow Bashar Assad and the coalition formed by Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah led to the victory of the resistance front,” General Rahim Safavi said.

In relevant remarks in July, General Rahim Safavi warned that Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel are hatching new plots against the region after their mercenary terrorists sustained heavy defeats in Iraq and Syria.

“The ISIL is being defeated and actually, the ISIL defeat is the failure of the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and the Zionists’ coalition in the region,” he said.

Noting that insecurities stirred by the US will possibly continue in Iraq even after the annihilation of the ISIL, General Rahim Safavi said, “After the failures of the US, Saudi Arabia and the Zionists in Iraq and Syria, a new plot may start in the Persian Gulf region by the same coalition.”

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