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Disgraced Hariri Says to Remain Lebanon PM: I Will Keep What Happened in KSA to Myself


Lebanese Premier, Saad Hariri said on Monday he wants to remain Lebanon’s PM, preferring to keep what happened in Saudi Arabia, where he was believed to be held there against his will, to himself.

In an interview with French TV channel CNews, Hariri downplayed talk of his resignation, which he announced from Riyadh, saying that he was “always” the prime minister.

“I want to remain the prime minister of Lebanon and what happened in Saudi Arabia, I will keep to myself,” he said.

“It’s in the interest of Lebanon and other countries for Lebanon to remain stable,” Hariri said.

Asked multiple times whether his decision to announce his resignation in Riyadh was forced, Hariri sidetracked multiple times.

It is believed that Hariri was forced by Saudi regime to announce his resignation in a bid to topple the Lebanese government. The move was seen by many observers as an attempt aimed against Hezbollah, who is a major partner in the Lebanese government.

Hariri returned to Lebanon in November 21, after President Michel Aoun launched a diplomatic campaign, led by Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, in which the president voiced rejection to any interference in Lebanese affairs.

Meanwhile on Monday, Hariri said he would resign from his post if Hezbollah refuses to accept changes to the current status quo, in remarks seen as an attempt to cover up ambiguity which surrounded his previously announced resignation.

“Hezbollah intervened in all Arab countries and [my] resignation sent a positive shock,” Hariri said.

“I am waiting for neutrality in the government and inside Lebanon – not just saying one thing and doing something else,” he added.

However, the Lebanese PM noted that Hezbollah is a regional issue that can’t be solved in Lebanon, but rather through a regional settlement.

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