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Mission Accomplished in Syria … Now It’s Time for Political Process, Reconstruction

28 November 2017 15:58


Syria ushers in a new political era after the monumental military achievements.

The recent devastating defeats of Takfiri front in Syria are historic. They represent a major shift in the course of the six year war taking place in the country. It is the first time that one can talk about the end of ISIL as a military force or as a physical entity that could pose threat to the Syrian government.

The recent victories in Deir Ezzor and Bou Kamal areas have sent strong messages and alarming signals to all concerned parties about the course of events in the future. It is doubtlessly one that would definitely boils down to the interest of the Syrian government and the axis supporting it; an axis that has stretched from Lebanon to Russia.

Now as we witness a noticeable winding down of the military actions and a mounting surge of political discussions, we would expect that the beginning of the end of the Syrian war is coming to an end. The different parties are gathering their cards and flexing muscles to have sizable part of political solution. The battle on this front is equally relentless and has no mercy. The US along with those in its axis are exercising ceaseless pressure to prevent the government and its allies from translating their military success into political gains. On the other hand, Russia and Iran are keen to support the Syrian government to broker a solution that reflects the real sizes on ground.

With the exception of Idlib, where the Turks are tasked to manage the remaining Nusra front politically or militarily, and Raqqa, where the Kurds are assuming a key role thanks to US support, and the Southern city of Daraa where certain arrangements are being made to ensure stability and the prevention of any deterioration in the Syrian- Palestinian front, the Syrian government has a full control over all major cities in the country.

As such, it is increasingly likely that a political solution will follow.

All the solution formulas suggested are open for discussions, but what is sure is that President Bashar Assad will continue his term as the head of the state, and will supervise the political solution and oversee its details. A solution that will keep the territorial integrity of Syria as a country and the consistency of the governmental apparatus as a state.

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