“Bahrain Rulers Must Take Lesson from Fates of Saddam, Shah, Other Tyrants”


Secretary General of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (WFPIST) Ayatollah Sheikh Mohsen Araki held Bahraini rulers responsible for deterioration in health of prominent cleric, Sheikh Issa Al-Qassem.

“News on deterioration in health of Ayatollah Qassem has worried Muslim nation as well as its leaders,” Ayatollah Araki said Wednesday in a statement.

Ayatollah Araki called for immediate lift of siege imposed by Bahrain regime forces on Ayatollah Qassem’s house in Diraz.

“We hold the government of Bahrain responsibility of any harm inflicted on his eminence (Ayatollah Qassem),” said the Iranian cleric, who is also a member of the Assembly of Experts in the Islamic Republic.

“We advise the Bahraini government to meet the demands of its oppressed people and to quit its arbitrary policy aimed against leaders of this firm people.”

Ayatollah Araki concluded his statement as saying: “We remind the Bahraini government that it must take lessons from what happened to tyrants of our era like Saddam Hussein, (Iran’s) Shah and others.”

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