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Syrian Army Inches Closer to Terrorist-Held Airbase in Southeastern Idlib

29 November 2017 16:24


The Syrian Army troops continued to storm terrorists’ strongholds in their push towards Idlib from different directions and managed to advance against militants in Southeastern Aleppo on Wednesday, inching closer to Abu al-Dhohour airbase.

The army men drove terrorists out of the village of Mazra’a Southwest of Khanasser after taking control over the villages of Azizeh and Abisan.

The army soldiers, also, managed to capture the villages of Rasm al-Kabara al-Reshadiyah and Rasm al-Khala.

A field source reported that the army troops advanced over 18 km deep into the terrorist-held territories towards Abu al-Dhohour airbase from Khanasser direction.

A field source confirmed on Monday that the army sent a large number of forces and a large volume of military equipment to Hama and Aleppo provinces to kick off an imminent operation against terrorists in Southeastern Idlib.

The source said that the army forwarded hundreds of fresh soldiers and more military hardware to Southern Aleppo and Northeastern Hama to storm terrorists’ defense lines in Southeastern Idlib to capture the strategic Abu al-Dhohour airbase amid eruption of infighting between two rival terrorist groups at the airbase.

The source added that the army men were planning to launch Idlib operation from two different flanks in Southern Aleppo and Northeastern Hama.

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