Syrian Army Using Giant Missiles in Fighting Terrorism


The Syrian army is still using Scud missiles developed during the Soviet era under the name of Elbrus with a range of almost 300km.

The Arabic website of Sputnik news agency reported that the platform for Elbrus missiles is mounted on Oregon vehicles.

According to media reports, the Syrian army is in possession of new Scud missiles too.

Scud refers to a series of tactical ballistic missiles developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was exported widely to both Second and Third World countries.

The term comes from the NATO reporting name attached to the missile by Western intelligence agencies. The Russian names for the missile are the R-11 (the first version), and the R-17 (later R-300) Elbrus (later developments).

The name Scud has been widely used to refer to these missiles and the wide variety of derivative variants developed in other countries based on the Soviet design.

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