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Hamas call out the PA over lack of effort to help lift the Gaza seige

3 December 2017 19:51


What was supposed to be the historic hand over of Gaza’s civil authority – on the 1st of December – to the Palestinian Authority (PA), instead is yet another occasion where sparks fly between Hamas and the PA.

Hamas have officially called upon the Palestinian Prime Minister to begin making “real efforts” to lift the illegal seige of Gaza.

Hamas stated that they, “demand that the government of (prime minister) Rami Hamdallah assume its responsibilities in full and lift the unjust sanctions imposed on our people in Gaza”.

In the past few months the PA have decreased their payments for the Israeli electrical supply into the war torn Gaza Strip, earlier this year refusing to pay for deisel fuel supplies, as well as decreasing the salaries of their members in the strip.

Hamas are not having any of this and are calling upon their fulfillment of the ‘unity deal’ promises they signed on to.

The hand over of Gaza’s civil authority, has been delayed as a result of this for at least another 10 days.

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