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Rouhani: Regional states must recognize each other’s interests

3 December 2017 18:28


Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says countries in the region should recognize each other’s interests and resolve their problems through dialog without the intervention of external powers. 

“We believe that if there is a problem in the region, it can be solved through negotiation, and we do not need weapons and the intervention of world powers to resolve it,” Rouhani said Sunday during the launch of a new port in the strategic Chabahar city.

“The regional states must recognize the interests of each other. Religions must recognize each other. We must recognize the people of the region and the interests of the countries and recognize the ethnic groups and cultures under the umbrella of the national cultures of the regional countries,” he said.

Recent victories against Daesh, he said, have opened the way for the Middle East to move past conflicts and the perception that it is a region of war between Shia and Sunni Muslims and a territory for the presence and intervention of foreign powers.

“No one can be driven from one path to another by force and anger, slogan and violence. If anyone thinks his religion is better, he should show it in practice, not in words. We have to show in practice that our religion is the best and at the same time respect others,” he said.

Rouhani said, “What matters to us is that everyone should be thinking of solidarity, unity and the interests of the area.”

“There is no way but moderation. Extremism and violence, whatever its name, and in any country, will only result in destruction and annihilation.”

Rouhani said moderation is the way that leads the region to constructive engagement, adding that it begins with respect for others.

“No country in the region can claim that it is the superior power and that other countries must surrender and obey it because even the superpowers did not have this wish realized.”

Rouhani said each country’s power is in the power of the region, and if the region is safe and powerful, everyone will benefit from it.

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