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Syrians from Tell Rifaat return home

3 December 2017 9:10


Currently, the process of eliminating ISIS and other radical terrorist groups is coming to its logical conclusion as peace and common life return to the cities and towns throughout Syria.

This has become possible due to the successive steps of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) as well as the concentrated effort exerted by the Official Government. Both of them create favorable conditions for the return of residents to their homes where they previously lived in peace.

Tell Rifaat which is located north of the Aleppo governorate is a prime example of the successful implementation of the “de-confliction” regime implemented with the assistance of Russia.

In order to avoid provocations and to strengthen the ceasefire, the government troops and the Russian military police have been deployed in the region.

The protection of the outer fronts of the de-confliction zone is provided by the SAA whereas Russian units ensure the security of locals inside the zone.

During the turmoil, locals lost their lands and houses, many fled, and those who remained were tortured or killed by the radicals. Today Tell Rifaat is a model of a quiet place, free of terrorists.

Even in the unlikely case of an attack, it will be successfully repulsed by the Russian AF, which establishes control over the area round the clock from the air.

The guarantees of the Syrian Government and Russian military have created favorable conditions for the return of refugees and internally displaced. According to the local activists, the town has already taken in 188 families or 941 locals.

The Official Government calls on its nationals to return to their homeland more actively.

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