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MAP: Syrian Army is on the brink of splitting last IS bastion in Deir Ezzor

5 December 2017 14:24


The Islamic State (IS) is in serious trouble inside the Deir Ezzor Governorate, as they find themselves on the verge of losing several important areas in the Euphrates River Valley.

Backed by close air support from their Russian allies, the Syrian Army has liberated a large chunk of territory from the Islamic State in the Euphrates River Valley, leaving them within distance of linking the Albukamal-Mayadeen Road.

With IS nearly encircled at Al-Salihiyah and Al-Jalaa, the Syrian Army is working to link up with their forces that are currently positioned just north of Albukamal.

This Syrian military advance could not come at a worse time for the Islamic State, given the fact they are about to have their last pocket split in half inside eastern Syria.

Source: AMN

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