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Over 20,000 Iraqi refugees return home from Syria

5 December 2017 14:27


The 5th batch of Iraqi refugees left for home from the Al-Hawl Refugee Camp in southern Hasaka on Monday whereas the 1st batch of internally displaced refugees from Deir Ezzor province left the Al-Sad Refugee Camp with coordination with tribal leaderships.

Sheikh Hamad al-Sheikh Sa’adeh of the Syrian Democratic Forces’s (SDF) public relations office said in a statement that the first batch of refugees to return home numbered 1170 people, most of whom were from the villages of Al-Sabha and Al-Basira.

The administration of the Al-Hawl Refugee Camp on the other hand uncovered that about 23,000 Iraqi refugees have so far left the camp leaving no more than 8,000 Iraqis left residing in the camp in addition to 3,000 internally displaced Syrians.

According to local authorities, some 20,000 internal refugees from Deir Ezzor province remain in the Al-Shaddadi Refugee Camp. The SDF public relations committee says it will continue to support the refugees with much needed supplies to prepare them for the unforgiving Syrian winter.

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