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Rouhani: Plot against Al-Quds Latest Adventure by Global Arrogance

6 December 2017 15:50


Iranian President Hasan Rouhani on Wednesday urged Muslim countries to resist against a recent plot against the holy city of Al-Quds.

Talking at a meeting of participants of the Islamic Unity Conference held this week in Tehran, Rouhani said the “enemies of our lands are thinking of new plots following the victories achieved by the nations in the region in fighting terror,” urging people of the region to remain alert.

“Now that they have realized terrorism has not been successful in the region, they are trying to make a new plot, by turning the region into an arsenal, selling different kinds of arms to Muslim countries, and intensifying intervention in internal affairs of the countries,” he said.

Now the enemies are targeting the liberation of Al Quds, Iran’s president told the meeting which was held on the occasion of birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), and attended by Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei.

“The holy city belongs to the Muslims and Palestinians, and nobody can resist feelings and thoughts of its people; this is the latest adventure of the global arrogance in the region,” Rouhani stated.

“Islamic Republic of Iran, has never agreed to change of regional borders, and will not tolerate the desecration of the Islamic sanctities.”

“The prophet taught resistance and defense to everybody, and established security and stability in the Islamic territories of the time beside empowering people,” Rouhani said.

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