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Hamas hails South Africa’s plan to downgrade ties with Israel

7 December 2017 10:32


Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, on Wednesday praised the African National Congress’s (ANC) plan to downgrade diplomatic relations with Israel.

The ruling party’s policy conference filed a recommendation in this regard to the 54th General Conference that will be held in mid-December. If the General Conference adopts this recommendation, it will be reflected in the policy of the state and the party.

Hamas in a statement urged the ANC leaders to adopt this recommendation as an expression of their solidarity with the Palestinian people, pointing out that the ANC has long been known for its support of the Palestinian people and their rights against the Israeli occupation’s racist policies.

The Movement continued, “The peoples of the world, including the Palestinian people, supported South Africa during the apartheid era, and today the Palestinian people need the same solidarity to bring down another apartheid state.”

Hamas affirmed that downgrading or severing diplomatic relations with Israel sends a message of support to the boycott movements all over the world and proves that South Africa still pursues the path of its leader Nelson Mandela who said, “South Africa will not be fully liberated unless Palestine is liberated too.”


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