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Ali Akbar Velayati: ‘Embassy move to al-Quds, silliest act of Trump’

8 December 2017 14:44


Ali Akbar Velayati, the Iranian Leader’s top Aide on International Affairs described Trump decision of embassy moving as the silliest measure of the US president.

“The decision to move US embassy to al-Quds (Jerusalem) is the silliest and most unadvisedly decision undertaken by the thoughtless and wisdom-less Trump of US,” said Ali Akbar Velayati, the Iranian Leader’s top Aide on International Affairs.

The Iranian senior official made the remarks on the margins at the closing ceremony of the 31sr edition of the Islamic Unity Conference.

“Firstly it is against the interests of the US nation and country,” commented the Iranian former foreign minister. “US president took such a measure in retaliation after ISIL was continuously defeated in Syria and Iraq, and US allies conceded to defeats in Lebanon and Yemen.”

“What matters the most is that the move is interests of the Islamic Umma in the long run as it cements unity ad solidarity between Muslims unmasking the real face of US policies and politicians,” said Mr. Valayti. “Up to now none of Trump’s predecessors had dared to undertake such a silly insolence,” he added.

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