Islamic Invitation Turkey
        20 September 2018 - Thursday - 10 Muḥarram 1440 | 20/09/2018 (35) 19/09/2018 (40) 18/09/2018 (43) 17/09/2018 (25) 16/09/2018 (43) Total: 142,358 content        Facebook Twitter Youtube

Assad, Jong-Un’s statements against Zionism and Erdogan’s for.

Bashar Al Assad, the person whom is being targeted for opposing the zionist project in the region, and for not accepting being a puppet, has been targeted for his brave stance in favour of his nation and people of the region. North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un, the true man against Imperialism and Zionism, is also being presented as a dictator by puppet media of imperialists and zionists across the world.

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