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Iraqi Forces Capture over 7,000 sq/km of Land in Anti-ISIL Operation at Border with Syria

9 December 2017 13:06


 The Iraqi forces have launched a fresh round of operations to purge the Anbar desert up to the border with Syria of ISIL terrorists and have thus far cleaned over 7,000 sq/km of land, an army commander said on Saturday.

Commander of the Liberation Operation of al-Jazeera Desert General Abdul Amir Yarallah stated that his forces have driven ISIL out of the villages of Um al-Azahm, al-Kuweitiya, al-Sakhiri’at, Beir al-Marasena, Wadi al-Tawiol, al-Khorar, Abu Hayet, al-Ka’eidin, Sarib and al-Basaleh.

The commander further said that over 7,000 sq/km of Anbar’s territories has been liberated in the operation.

Relevant reports said on Friday that the Iraqi Armed Forces launched their final operation to root out ISIL terrorists from three provinces in Western Iraq.

The Iraqi Armed Forces stormed the ISIL’s large pocket that is located between the Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar provinces.

The large-scale operation is aimed at clearing the entire pocket and leaving no remnant of the ISIL in any part of Iraq.

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