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More US-Backed SDF Fighters, Commanders Surrender to Syrian Army in Deir Ezzur

9 December 2017 19:39


Senior Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Yaser al-Dahla and his fighters have surrendered to the Syrian Army troops in the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur, militant-affiliated websites confirmed on Saturday.

The websites reported that Commander of the SDF-affiliated Tajamo Shebab al-Bakara Yaser al-Dahla has defected the SDF in Deir Ezzur, adding that al-Dahla and all of his fighters handed over their weapons to the army men in the village of Tayebeh Shamiyeh in Eastern Deir Ezzur and surrendered.

The websites also reported earlier today that Abu al-Majd al-Rafi’ei, one of the senior field commanders of the SDF, along with his fighters surrendered to the Syrian Army troops in Western Deir Ezzur.

The websites said that Abu al-Majd al-Rafi’ei and his forces laid down arms and turned in to the army men in the Western countryside of Deir Ezzur.

The websites added that al-Rafi’ei was previously one of the field commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Northern Syria.

Al-Rafi’ei defected the FSA a year ago and joined the SDF, the websites added.

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