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Breaking: Al-Qaeda inescapably doomed in west Damascus following latest Syrian Army charge

10 December 2017 22:14


The 4th Division Al-Ghaith group of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has advanced further on the Beit Jenn pocket on Sunday, after earlier advances had secured the hills north of the town of Magher al-Meir.

Syrian army victories in the area won in the past days had secured the mountain of Tall Shihab and the whole Tall Bardyah hill range. On Sunday, an intense bombardment by 20 helicopter gunships struck positions of Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the Al-Qaeda affiliated organisation formerly known as the Al-Nusra Front, to the east of Magher al-Meir.

Following the aerial bombings, the 4th Division stormed and captured the Zaher Al-Aswad hills after heavy clashes, which led to a near total collapse of the Al-Qaeda positions. HTS militants are reported to have fled from the hills, leaving behind much of their weaponry.

By this victory, the Syrian army has Magher al-Meir surrounded from three sides, and has established clear fire control over the entire town. The final capture of Magher al-Meir is expected to be only a matter of hours.

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