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Syrian Army moves masses of tanks, artillery, troops for Daraa offensive

12 December 2017 11:22


According to opposition sources, the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitaries are relocating scores of tanks, artillery pieces and troops to the province of Daraa for an upcoming offensive to seize a strategic city in the region.

In the past 24 hours, opposition media, citing terrorist sources, has reported that Syrian ‘regime forces and allies’ are mobilizing key formations to the area in and around Mazarat ad-Danaji axis (commonly referred to as the ‘death triangle’) in preparation for an operation against terrorists in Daraa province.

Mazarat ad-Danaji is a government-held town that sits on the provincial borders of Rif Dimashq and Daraa provinces.

Terrorists in the region are convinced that the Syrian Army plans open up a wide front against terrorist groups in Daraa as well as near the UN de-confliction zone in the Golan plateau region.

Opposition media has stated that the likely objective of pro-government forces will be to capture the city of Al-Harrah which commands the roads to other terrorist-held cities in Daraa province – namely Kasim and Enkhil.

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