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Iran’s Islamic unity center stresses support for Palestine

14 December 2017 8:46

World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has issued a statement stressing defense for Palestine announcing Iran’s support for any measure in line with convergence of Muslim nation.

Prominent Islamic unity center in Iran, World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has issued a statement denouncing Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital calling Muslim countries to unite against the heinous move, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Part of the statement by the world forum runs,” Amid the situation where the Arab and Muslim world is suffering thoughtless decisions and dividing measures by arrogant leaders, some Muslim leaders are found in a tighter alliance with Zionist Israeli rulers and absurd American President, appearing as a full governorate for the Zionist regime announcing his provocative decision to carry out sacrilegious act to claim Jerusalem as Israeli capital.”

Iran’s World Forum, in its closing statement for the 31st Islamic Unity Conference, also slammed Washington’s violation of legal and international principles.

The Islamic center also called the heinous move as a cause for deepening of unity among Muslims which will prevail a spreading Intifadha not only in Palestine but also across the globe.

The statement vowed that the movement will lead to certain annihilation of the illegal Israeli regime.

World Forum also voiced its support for any measure which boosts convergence of Islamic nation and aids the resistance movement in confrontation with policies of the domineering governments led by the US and international Zionism.

US President, Donald Trump, has announced his much-controversial decision to relocate US embassy in Jerusalem al-Quds; hence, recognizing the holy city as Israeli capital.

The move has provoked vast protests across the globe raising international bodies to denounce the decision.

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