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Syrian Army Captures More Ground near Golan Heights

16 December 2017 10:23


The Syrian Army soldiers continued their large-scale offensive in Southwestern Damascus this morning, to capture the last positions of Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) in Beit Jinn near the Golan Heights.

The army men, led by their elite 42nd Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division, stormed Al-Nusra’s defense lines at the large hilltop of Tal al-Ahmar on Friday morning.

According to a military report, the army’s 42nd Brigade has imposed full control over Tal al-Ahmar after losing the hilltop two days ago during an Al-Nusra’s attack.

With Tal Al-Ahmar once again under their control, the army has asserted fire control over the road linking the towns of Beit Saber and Mughur al-Mir.

Relevant reports said on Thursday that the army inflicted a major defeat on the al-Nusra Front and earned control over more regions in Southwestern Damascus.

The army forces, supported by missile and artillery units, raided al-Nusra positions in Southwestern Damascus, winning back full control of al-Khazan.

Other Syrian army troops could seized control of Tal al-Ahmar in the Eastern parts of Beit Jinn farms as well as Tal al-Ziyat region.

After pulling back under the Syrian army’s heavy offensive, the militants stationed in the region demanded rapid aid and assistance, including logistic support, from other terrorist groups in Southern Syria.

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