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Thousands honour wheelchair-bound amputee Ibrahim al Surayya martyred by rabid zionist soldiers

17 December 2017 22:14


Thousands of people paid their respects to Ibrahim Abu Thuraya at his funeral, in eastern Gaza, on Saturday, a wheelchair-bound double amputee who was shot dead by Israeli troops during clashes on Friday.

Amongst the crowds of mourners was Hamas leader Ismail Haniya who praised Ibrahim Abu Thuraya saying, “The whole world stood behind his martyrdom and behind this great message, the message that the Palestinian people are fighting for Jerusalem and for the fall of the American administrative resolution.”

Ibrahim Abu Thuraya’s mother stated that “He was shot by ten bullets in the leg, arm and abdomen. He said despite his injury that he is going to confront them and raise the Palestinian flag. He will go to the electricity pole and hang the flag of Palestine. Despite all of that he said that he wants to sacrifice himself for the homeland. He has become a martyr.” His father added that he died for Jerusalem.

According to the Palestinian health ministry, he was killed shortly after another man nearby was killed in similar circumstances. Ibrahim Abu Thuraya’s friend who was with him when he died explained, “He was shot in the head between his eyes. I was behind pushing his wheel chair and I ducked behind him, pushing his chair to get away from firing. I looked at the wheelchair and I found him dead on the earth on his face. Mercy be upon him.”

Friday’s clashes took place during a demonstration against US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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