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US Forces Preventing Dispatch of Humanitarian Cargos to Refugee Camp

18 December 2017 11:45


Restrictions imposed by the US forces in al-Tanf region in Southeastern Homs near Syria’s border with Jordan has blocked the roads to humanitarian convoys sent to a refugee camp, the Russian Reconciliation for Syria reported on Sunday.

The Russian Center reported that the US forces deployed in al-Tanf region do not allow the humanitarian convoys to go to the al-Rukban refugee camp, adding that the camp is in critical situation due to a lack of food stuff and medicine.

It further said that the US forces’ imposed restrictions in al-Tanf region which is home to the US-run al-Tanf base have pushed humanitarian condition in al-Rukban camp into crisis, adding that the center is trying hard to find other ways to send the aid convoys to the camp.

Head of the Russian center Sergei Kuralenko said during a news briefing last month that the US banned anyone from coming within 55 kilometers of its military base in al-Tanf, in Southeastern Homs, depriving more than 50,000 refugees in the al-Rukban camp, which is located in close proximity to the base, from getting humanitarian assistance.

Kuralenko added that despite the consultations held earlier, the American side has still not provided access to the al-Rukban camp for humanitarian agencies.

Earlier the US expressed its willingness to allow humanitarian assistance deliveries but noted that it was the Syrian government who had impeded these efforts.

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