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45 Al-Nusra Gunmen Executed by Rival Terrorists in Eastern Damascus

19 December 2017 0:10


Jeish al-Islam terrorist group has executed 45 members of Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) in Eastern Ghouta near capital Damascus, militant-affiliated websites reported on Monday.

The news websites reported that Jeish al-Islam has executed 45 A-Nusra terrorists, including 7 non-Syrians, captured by the former in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus province.

The websites further said that Mull Abu Bakr, one of the Al-Nusra’s bomb-making experts trained in Afghanistan’s al-Zarqawi base, was among the executed terrorists.

They went on to say that the executions happened two months ago when Jeish al-Islam attacked the Al-Nusra positions in al-Ash’ari region.

Jeish al-Islam and Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at reached an agreement on Saturday. According to the deal, Jeish al-Islam should release Al-Nusra’s captured members to give them a chance to leave Eastern Ghouta for Idlib along with their comrades.

The websites reported last week that the Al-Nusra Front was to exit Eastern Ghouta and move towards militant-held regions in Northern Syria following an agreement with Russia.

The websites reported that the Al-Nusra militants were to leave Eastern Ghouta for Northern Syria in the coming days after the militant group and the Russian reconciliation center reached an agreement over the relocation of the Al-Nusra fighters to other militant-held regions.

The websites went on to say that while a large number of terrorists were waiting for the start of the plan, a fresh wave of disunity has surfaced among them.

In the meantime, a source close to the Al-Nusra said that some of the foreign members of the group and commanders were just due to leave the region.

The total number of the Al-Nusra terrorists in Eastern Ghouta stood at 500 based on field estimates.

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