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Syrian Army Completes Siege on One of Main Bastions of Al-Nusra in Southwestern Damascus

19 December 2017 15:15


The Syrian Army troops advanced more against the Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) in Southwestern Damascus on Tuesday and managed to lay complete siege on the village of Mughur al-Mir, a main bastion of the terrorists, an Arab media outlet reported.

The Arabic-language al-Watan daily reported that the army men continued their operation, known as Hills Battle, against Al-Nusra in Southwestern Damascus and imposed control over the hills overlooking Beit Tima, Beit Saber and the 68th Brigade Base.

The daily went on to say that the army men also captured the hills of Tal al-Zaba’a, Kafr Hoor, Bardaya, Tal Shahab, al-Maqtoul al-Qarbi, al-Maqtoul al-Sharqi, Tal Baydha, Khazan Beit Saber height, al-Madjana, Tal Ahmar, Tal al-Mantar, al-Ziyat region, Bashir Najjar building blocks and al-Zahar al-Aswad.

Al-Watan said that the army has laid complete siege on Mughur al-Mir after the recent advances, adding that the entire roads to Beit Jinn region have been closed off by the army except for two mountainous paths of Jabal al-Sheikh in Lebanon and Israeli guards in the occupied Golan Heights.

Field sources reported on Monday that the army men imposed control over al-Zahar al-Aswad region and Najjar Farms and managed to capture the mountains stretching from the West of the village of Hineh North of Beit Jinn Farm – that was the house to the most important Al-Nusra stronghold in the region – to the Bardaya mountains.

The source added that the army men further crossed Bardaya mountains and seized control over Kafr Hoor and Beit Tima regions up to Tal (hill) al-Ziyat.

The source said that the recent advances enabled the army men to cut off the Al-Nusra’s supply line from the village of Beit Jinn to Beit Jinn Farm.

The area is the last in a chain of regions targeted by the Syrian army in a mop-up operation in Southwestern Damascus.

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