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US more isolated after veto of UN resolution on Jerusalem: Analyst

20 December 2017 15:11


President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of Israel and a subsequent veto of a UN resolution against the move have further isolated the United States in the international community, says a writer and political analyst.

“This effectively further isolated the United States in the world community, something that has happened repeatedly and increasingly since Donald Trump has become president,” Robert Fantina told Press TV.

Fourteen members of the 15-member Security Council voted Monday in favor of the Egyptian-drafted resolution, which did not specifically name the US or Trump but expressed “deep regret at recent decisions concerning the status of Jerusalem.”

US Ambassador Nikki Haley wielded Washington’s veto against the measure. “What we witnessed here in the Security Council is an insult. It won’t be forgotten. We do it [the veto] with no joy, but we do it with no reluctance,” said Haley after casting the US veto.

Meanwhile, the General Assembly is expected to vote on a non-binding resolution on Thursday that mirrors the Security Council measure.

Haley took to Twitter warning that the US will be “taking names” of the countries that support the resolution.

Fantina said that the US approach shows that Washington has no role in the Middle East peace process. “It has been a dishonest broker for decades.”

Trump’s move on Jerusalem “has been universally condemned” and no other country agrees with this decision.

It is time for the rest of the international community to step forward and pressure Israel to end the blockade of the Gaza Strip and occupation of West Bank, the analyst concluded.

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