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Al-Nusra Terrorists Flee Southwestern Damascus to Occupied Golan as Army Approaches

22 December 2017 9:16


The al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) terrorists escaped the Southwestern areas of Damascus to occupied Golan as the Syrian army has gained military control over the militant-held regions.

A field source confirmed on Thursday that the army has intensified its missile and artillery fire against al-Nusra bases and moves in Tal Za’arta and Mughur al-Mir in the Eastern parts of Beit Jinn farms, stressing that a large number of terrorists have been killed and tens of others have fled the battleground towards Beit Jinn farms.

He added that Beit Jinn has been fully surrounded after all roads linking the terrorists in Beit Jinn from the Northeastern and Southeastern front were cut and the army regained military control over Nahr al-Awaj- the only road linking terrorists in Beit Jinn to Tal Marwan and Mughur al-Mir.

Also, based on the field reports, a number of al-Nusra terrorists have made attempts to flee to occupied Golan from Jabal al-Sheikh passageway following the army’s advance in the region and imposing heavy defeats on the terrorists.

The Syrian army troops made rapid advances against the Al-Nusra Front on Wednesday and managed to seize military control over terrorist-held regions in Southwestern Damascus.

The army’s artillery and missile units pounded the Al-Nusra’s positions hard in the regions of Mughur al-Mir and Beit Jinn.

Also, a field source said that the army inflicted tens of casualties on the Al-Nusra and managed to advance towards Tal (hill) Za’arafta located on the Eastern direction of Beit Jinn Farm.

The source further added that the army has cut off all the supply lines of the Al-Nusra from Beit Jinn Farm to the village of Mughur al-Mir and Mughur al-Mir hill, imposing military control over the entire regions out of its control in Jabal al-Sheikh region.

Another military source said the army made a series of crucial advances against the Al-Nusra Front in Beit Jinn valley region, capturing a number of key hilltops and gaining full fire control over the entire Beit Jinn pocket within which militants are now hopelessly trapped.

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