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Trump’s Al-Quds Move Opportunity to Reschedule Palestine as Number 1 Priority

22 December 2017 16:52

It has never been precedented before in the history of world politics and diplomacy that a country threatens, intimidates and blackmails other countries as USA did trying to pass the decision to recognize Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of the Zionist entity.

The Israeli military and security establishment pinned hopes that the Palestinian reaction would fade in few days, but contrary to this, the ongoing confrontation between the Palestinian people in different cities and towns across the West Bank and Gaza Strip have proved the Israeli estimates were wrong.

A third Intifada is looming in the horizon and most likely, no Israeli measures can stop it this time. Palestinians have no other choice but to step up their uprising against the Israeli occupation.

The US decision to recognize Al-Quds as Israeli capital is devastating and has long teaching consequences. Nevertheless, the threat it poses could be turned into an opportunity for the axis of the resistance in the region and its supporters in the world.

What are the important lessons that can be drawn from Trump’s decision?

Attempting to answer the question, we have the following:

The US decision has proved that the negotiations track is futile, and led to losing valuable time and more territories. As a result, the resistance is the only tangible choice left for the Palestinian people to regain back their land.

Washington has plainly proved to be an untrustworthy dishonest broker, and it can no longer act as a mediator. It acted solely and exercised pressure on many other countries to follow its decision vis a vis Al-Quds, but all its efforts were to no avail.

The decision opened the way to reunite the different Palestinian resistance groups in one front.

It also lessened the tension between Shiites and Sunnis in the region and gave the conflict its real reason which is essentially political, not religious.

The US decision has also uncovered the conspirators against Palestine in the Arab world, whether regimes, governments or groups.

As such, the decision could be considered an opportunity for the axis of resistance to reschedule its priorities and to put plans and programs that could strongly support the Palestinian cause.

The continuous protests and confrontations against the Israelis should not stop; it should also be developed to become a regular action, a real institution designed to bring about the aspired results for the Palestinian people, and the loss and damage against their occupiers.

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