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Dangerous terrorist raid in Homs flops after Syrian Army artillery unleashes murderous fire

23 December 2017 10:36


An attempt by rebel forces to infiltrate government-held lines in the northern countryside of Homs province has failed miserably after the raiders were spotted and artillery units of the Syrian Arab Army opened fire on their ranks.

According to reports from pro-government sources, a raid by anti-government militants aimed at infiltrating Syrian Army lines near the town of Jaboorin on Friday was stopped dead in its tracks after army sentries spotted the assault party and called on artillery assets to fend it off.

Syrian Army artillery units responded to the fire support calls of sentry forces by unleashing a powerful barrage that ripped into the ranks of the militant raiding party and pushed it to abandon its attack.

The rebels were operating out the a large militant-held rural region in Syria’s Homs province commonly referred to as the Rastan pocket  (due to the fact that Syrian army-led forces have the area surrounded).

Based on the information available, it appears that rebel forces wanted to raid army positions near Jaboorin in order to kill sentry units and capture military equipment.

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