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No way back: Iraqi forces crowd Syrian border to prevent ISIL’s escape

23 December 2017 10:38


The Iraqi Armed Forces have deployed a large number of military personnel to monitor the Syrian border, as ISIL presence continues to diminish inside Syria.

According to Hashd Al-Sha’abi’s official media wing, they have bulked up their forces along Iraq’s long border with Syria.

Hashd Al-Sha’abi’s primary purpose in building up their forces around the border is to prevent ISIL from possibly escaping Syria and reentering Iraq.

“Our forces are present across the Syrian-Iraqi border to prevent any attack or infiltration by the militants,” the Hashd Al-Sha’abi commander of Al-Anbar, Qassem Al-Maslah, stated on Friday.

Several Hashd Al-Sha’abi units are already present inside Syria, as they help the Syrian Arab Army and their allies eliminate the last remnants of ISIL.

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