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Syrian Army Sends Troops, Equipment to Northern Lattakia to Face Terrorists’ Movements

24 December 2017 21:41


The Syrian Army has dispatched soldiers and military hardware to Northern Lattakia after Ahrar al-Sham terrorist groups reinvigorated its presence, a field source said on Sunday.

The sources said that the army has forwarded hundreds of fresh forces and a large volume of military equipment to Northern Lattakia, adding that Ahrar al-Sham, meantime, has sent more militants and heavy weapons to the region.

The sources said that last round of clashes between the army and the terrorist groups in the region took place in June 2016 and lasted until August of the same year.

Also in November 2017 the army troops fended off heavy offensive of a group of terrorists in the Northern territories of Lattakia province , inflicting major losses on them.

The army men warded off terrorists’ heavy assault on its positions near the town of Rabi’eh in Northern Lattakia, killing and wounding a number of them and destroying their equipment.

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