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Houthi forces score direct hit on Saud-backed fighters in eastern Sanaa

25 December 2017 15:48


The rocket battalion of the Houthi forces scored a direct hit on several targets, Sunday, killing and wounding a number of Saudi-backed fighters loyal to exiled Yemeni President ‘Abdrubbah Mansour Hadi.

According to the official media of the Houthi forces, their rocket rocket battalion targeted a large gathering of Hadi loyalists in the eastern part of the Sana’a Governorate on Sunday.

The Houthi forces added that their rocket battalion fired a Zilzal-2 ballistic missile at the gathering of the Saudi-backed fighters in the Nehm District.

Recently, the Hadi loyalists and their Saudi-backed allies have been increasing their military presence in eastern Sana’a, as they prepare to launch a massive offensive to retake the capital city.

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