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Nusra terrorists, under increasing battlefield pressure, agree to move to Syria’s Idlib, Dara’a

26 December 2017 15:29


Members of the al-Nusra Front militant group have agreed to surrender the southwestern outskirts of Syria’s Rif Dimashq Governorate and move to the provinces of Idlib and Dara’a.

The media bureau of Syria’s Operations Command reported on Tuesday that the militants had entered into talks with the Syrian government after their failure to counter the Syrian army advances on the battlefield.

Earlier this year, the Nursa militants left Lebanon’s highlands of Arsal for Syria under a ceasefire deal reached with the Hezbollah resistance movement. The ceasefire came days after Hezbollah took most of Arsal in a joint offensive with the Lebanese and Syrian armies to dislodge terrorists from the border area.

‘Militants sent back to Syria under Hezbollah deal’

Buses carrying some 7,800 militants and their families reportedly leave Lebanon’s highlands of Arsal for Syria under a ceasefire deal with Hezbollah.

The US and its allies have been supporting the militants fighting to topple the Syrian government since an armed conflict erupted in Syria in 2011.

Recently, the anti-Damascus elements have suffered heavy blows at the hands of the Syrian and allied forces.

Iran and Russia have been offering Syria advisory military help.

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