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Six Gazan students stranded at Cairo Airport

26 December 2017 11:53


Six Palestinian students have been left stranded at Cairo Airport for over a week, without any cooperation or help from the Palestinian embassy.

The students, who were given scholarships in Algeria, left the Gaza Strip last Sunday, December 17, and arrived at Cairo Airport on the same day, but since then they have been barred to take their flight at the pretext that the Algerian foreign ministry has not yet sent their visas.

The students are being held at one of the airport’s passenger terminals and not allowed to go anywhere, while their cash started to run out, especially because of the high prices of meals there, one of them told Quds Press.

“In the absence of our visas, we are worried that our situation will become worse or we could be deported to the Gaza Strip, although we have appealed to all official parties, including the Palestinian embassy in Cairo, Algeria and the Palestinian foreign ministry,” he said.

The student pointed out that some of his friends, who received the same scholarship from the West Bank, recently got their visas at Queen Alia Airport in Jordan and left for Algeria without any trouble.


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