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Syrian Army to Kick off Imminent Operation to Drive Terrorists out of Southern Damascus

27 December 2017 16:45


The Syrian Army troops are to launch a large-scale operation to purge different regions in the Southern countryside of Damascus city of ISIL and other terrorist groups amid arrival of the government’s elite forces in the region, military sources said on Wednesday.

The sources said that hundreds of army’s Special Forces have arrived in Southern Damascus to join their comrades near the al-Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp, Tadamoun region and Hajar al-Aswad region to kick off an imminent operation to free Hajar al-Aswad and al-Yarmouk from ISIL.

The army men’s operation will include preventing ISIL’s advances in the region and driving them out of the region they have recently captured.

The Arabic-language al-Etehad press quoted two well-informed sources as saying on Tuesday that Commander of Al-Nusra in Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp Abu Bakr al-Amni and two of his aides had a meeting with Colonel Talal al-Ali, one of the senior commanders of the Army, at the Patrolling Forces Building in Damascus last week to pave the way for the relocation of the remaining pockets of Al-Nusra fighters from the Southern countryside of Damascus city to Northern Syria.

Al-Etehad further said that the Al-Nusra was asked to hand over arms to the relevant officials, end military presence in Southern Syria in return for government amnesty for those who apply for pardoning to stay in the region.

Al-Rijeh region and its nearby areas that are home to Al-Nusra militants are included in a truce agreement between the Syrian government, former Jeish al-Fatah and al-Nusra.

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