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Syrian Army Wins Back Control of Al-Nusra’s Important Base in Southwestern Damascus

28 December 2017 15:28


The Syrian army troops regained control over one of the terrorists’ key bases in Southwestern Damascus after the al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) violated an earlier agreement to leave the region.

Field sources reported on Thursday that the army units entered the village of Mughur al-Mir and retook control of the region, one kilometer away from Beit Jin farm, after the militants refrained from leaving Southwestern Damascus.

Also, a member of Alviyeh al-Forqan’s media center, Mohammad Zamol, underlined that the army has cut off all roads used by the terrorists to transfer goods and weapons after taking back control of Mughur al-Mir.

Meantime, a field source said that the army has given the terrorists a 72-hour deadline to leave the region towards Idlib and Dara’a along with their personal weapons.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian army troops’ imposed heavy defeats on Al-Nusra Front in Southwestern Damascus, causing the terrorists to surrender to the government forces, a field source reported on Wednesday.

The source said that over 250 terrorists were killed or wounded in the army advances in Southwestern Damascus, adding that the Al-Nusra was forced to accept the army’s terms and conditions to leave the region for Idlib and Dara’a after the government forces managed to take control over hills and heights overlooking Beit Jinn and Mughur al-Mir region and separate the two regions completely.

The source further said that 110 terrorists, including 10 commanders, were killed and 160 more militants were injured in the army advances, adding that a number of the injured militants are under treatment in Israeli hospitals.

The sources said that with army’s control over Beit Jinn and Mughur al-Mir, terrorists have been purged of the entire Western Ghouta, including Jabal al-Sheikh region, Darayya, al-Mo’adhamiyeh, Khan al-Sheih, al-Darkhabiyeh, Syria’s Golan Heights and the borders with Israel, al-Haramoun mountains and from there to al-Qalamoun mountain.

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