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Syrian government blasts back at Erdogan over ‘terrorist’ comments

28 December 2017 15:52


The Syrian government issued a response to the Turkish President’s recent comments calling President Bashar Al-Assad a ‘terrorist.’

“The Turkish regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan bears the primary responsibility for the bloodshed in Syria and the entry of terrorist forces inside Syrian territories. His aggression has played a big role in supporting Takfiri terrorists,” a source from the Syrian Foreign Ministry told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Thursday.

“Erdogan continues to mislead the public in a desperate attempt to absolve himself of crimes he committed against the people of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the Foreign Ministry continued.

In response to Erdogan’s comments about the Syrian President, the Foreign Ministry stated that Erdogan does not have the credibility to make such comments.

“Erdogan has turned Turkey into a large prison for those who have different political opinions and for those in the press that disagree with his politics. His destructive policies have not only hurt the Syrian Arab Republic, but also, Turkey. Furthermore, Erdogan does not have any credibility to make such comments,” the Foreign Ministry stated.

“Erdogan’s delusions have made him forget that his dilapidated empire has little power,” the Foreign Ministry added.

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