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Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi-backed terrorist camp

28 December 2017 12:22


Yemeni armed forces loyal to the revolutionary Ansarullah government (also known as the Houthi movement) has fired an advanced ballistic missile on a camp of Saudi-backed mercenaries and armed forces near the eastern city of Ma’rib. This is reported by Yemeni news agency Saba Net.

According to the report, the Yemeni army and popular forces launched a Qaher-2M ballistic missile upon the al-Rawik camp near Ma’rib, causing heavy losses amongst foreign mercenary troops serving the Saudi-led invasion force.

The Qaher-2M missile is a domestically produced Yemeni missile, and a recent development of the Qaher-1. The Qaher line of production started in 2015, and is based on the S-75 Dvina missiles originating in the Soviet Union. The Qaher-2M missile was also used by Sana’a on several occasions to target enemy positions within Saudi Arabia. Most recently, it was used in an attempt to hit the Saudi royal palace in Riyadh, a launch which the Ansarullah movement claims did in fact successfully hit a target within the Saudi capital city.

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