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Turkish Daily: Turkey Seeks to Occupy Large Areas of Syrian Territories

29 December 2017 15:25


Ankara’s military operations will be conducted in regions beyond Afrin in Aleppo province with the participation of 35,000 forces, a Turkish daily revealed on Thursday, adding that the country wants to occupy vast areas in Syria.

The Turkish-language Yeni Safak newspaper disclosed that the imminent military operations against Kurds in Northern Syria will not be limited to Afrin in Northern Aleppo and will extend to Deir Balout and Sam’an castle in the West to the towns of Zoufiyan, Davir and Fila in the East.

It added that 35,000 forces, including 20,000 army soldiers and 15,000 Ankara-affiliated militants, will participate in the operations.

According to the report, Russia is trying to persuade the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to deliver control of Afrin and Tal Rafat to the Syrian government with the aim of keeping Turkey away from the region but the Kurds are insisting on the battle against Turks.

The SDF announced earlier this week that its forces are well-prepared to face the Turkish army and its affiliated military groups after the Turkish forces threatened to attack the town of Afrin in Northwestern Aleppo, a media outlet reported.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat daily quoted Head of the Democratic Unity Joint Party Ayesha Hasou as saying that the entire residents in the town of Afrin are at the highest level of preparedness to defend their town against possible attack by the Turkish troops and their affiliated militants.

Hasou further told the paper that ever since the escalation of crisis in Syria, Afrin has been under siege in three directions and from the side of Turkey, has been under repeated air attacks and different threats.

“Afrin will be turned into Turkish invaders’ graveyard similar to Kobani and Raqqa that became the graveyards of ISIL,” she underlined.

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