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US Army Continues to Rescue ISIL Militants Trapped in Deir Ezzur

29 December 2017 19:00


Several military helicopters of the US-led coalition carried out another heliborne operation in Eastern Deir Ezzur to evacuate a number of ISIL members from the region to Northeastern Syria, local sources reported on Friday.

The sources said that several US helicopters that had taken off from Northern Deir Ezzur were flying over Assad Refugee Camp and later landed near the al-Basel Dam in the Southern countryside of Hasaka city.

The sources said that the helicopters were transferring a number of ISIL commanders that had asked the Syrian Democratic Forces to let them stay in the regions under their control.

The militant-affiliated news websites reported on Tuesday that the SDF imposed full control over Murad oilfield on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzur province and the two small towns of al-Hasyan and Abu Hardoub in the region.

In the meantime, field sources said that the SDF invasion of more oilfields in Eastern Deir Ezzur has increased the possibility of direct confrontation with the army soldiers who mission is mainly capturing control over the energy-rich regions.

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