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US-puppet Kurdish forces move on strategic city near Syrian-Iraqi border

29 December 2017 9:40


US-puppet Syrian Democratic Forces (of which Kurdish militias represent a core component) are approaching a highly-strategic city that was recently liberated from ISIS by pro-government forces last month.

According to reports released by media outlets affiliated to the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units, US-backed forces have reached to within 25 kilometres of the town of Abu Kamal amid very heavy clashes with Islamic State terrorists.

Avoiding the various ISIS-held towns on villages situated along the eastern shore of the Euphrates River, pro-Coalition forces have cut across the desert periphery of the Euphrates valley region to reach the town of Haijin, located directly to the north of Abu Kamal.

Abu Kamal was liberated by Syrian army-led forces from ISIS in mid-November of this year after a two week battle that, according to one BBC correspondent, witnessed some of the toughest firefights ever encountered in the fight against the terrorist group in either Syria or Iraq.

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