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Syrian Army Frees, Evacuates People Kidnapped by Terrorists in Eastern Damascus

30 December 2017 6:46


The Syrian Army troops released a number of people that had been in the terrorist groups’ custody in Eastern Ghouta and transferred them to safe regions on Friday.

The army men freed the last group of people that had been kidnapped by terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta and relocated them to safe regions in Damascus city.

Relevant reports said on Wednesday that several people kidnapped by the terrorists in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus were freed after the army’s successful negotiations with the militants.

The Syrian Red Crescent Society in cooperation with the International Red Cross transferred 10 people, including 2 children, through al-Wafedin camp on Wednesday after an agreement was made with the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta to release them.

The Syrian army had earlier freed 6 other people.

Also, a number of patients in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus were transferred to Damascus hospitals for treatment.

The terrorists in Eastern Damascus have abducted hundreds of civilians, most of them women and children, and use thousands of people as human shields against the army attacks and prevent them from leaving the region.

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