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Damascus: Syrian Army Sends Reinforcements to Eastern Ghouta

31 December 2017 12:51


The Syrian army dispatched reinforcement troops and military equipment to Eastern Ghouta along with intensification of clashes in the region.

Battlefield sources reported that a large number of Dara al-Qalamoun forces of the Syrian army have been dispatched to Eastern Ghouta in tens of military and armored vehicles.

The sources pointed to the intensification of clashes in Eastern Damascus, and confirmed that the Syrian army’s special forces have engaged in tough battle with the terrorists at the Vehicle Management region of Harasta.

On the other hand, the Syrian army’s security forces seized a truck carrying a large volume of ammunition and highly-explosive materials from the Dara’a-based terrorists destined to reach their compatriots in Eastern Ghouta.

In a relevant development on Saturday, the Syrian army repelled the terrorists’ attack on the government forces’ strategic military positions in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus province, inflicting heavy losses on the militants.

The army units engaged in heavy clashes with the terrorists who had attacked the army’s military positions at the Vehicle Management region of Harasta in Eastern Damascus.

Meantime, a battlefield source confirmed that the Syrian troops managed to destroy the terrorists’ bomb-laden vehicle that was driven by Saudi terrorist Abu Dajaneh al-Jazravi before the vehicle could reach the army’s military points and therefore foiled the terrorists’ attack.

Also concurrent with the terrorists’ failure, the Syrian army’s artillery and missile units targeted the terrorists’ military positions and inflicted heavy losses on them.

The Syrian army units also managed to destroy a tunnel of Ahrar al-Sham terrorists North of Vehicle Management in Harasta city, killing or wounding all terrorists inside the tunnel.

In a relevant development on Thursday, the Syrian army troops regained control over one of the terrorists’ key bases in Southwestern Damascus after the al-Nusra Front violated an earlier agreement to leave the region.

Field sources reported that the army units entered the village of Mughur al-Mir and retook control of the region, one kilometer away from Beit Jin farm, after the militants refrained from leaving Southwestern Damascus.

Also, a member of Alviyeh al-Forqan’s media center, Mohammad Zamol, underlined that the army has cut off all roads used by the terrorists to transfer goods and weapons after taking back control of Mughur al-Mir.

Meantime, a field source said that the army has given the terrorists a 72-hour deadline to leave the region towards Idlib and Dara’a along with their personal weapons.

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