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Breaking: Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces swoop up another town in Idlib amid renewed assault

2 January 2018 17:11


Amid renewed offensive operations in the southeastern countryside of Idlib province, elite forces of the Syrian Arab Army have captured another town from jihadist-led militias.

According to emerging reports from military-affiliated sources, units of the Syrian Arab Army’s elite Tiger Forces Division liberated the town of Al-Hawa from jihadist-led armed groups in southeast Idlib province.

This most recent advance represents a capitalization on another push made earlier in the day (Tuesday) that saw the Tiger Forces wrest control of the town of Ard az-Zurzur from rebel militias.

The renewed assault by the Syrian Arab Army in southeast Idlib province, which is now developing momentum to the northeast of the government-held crossroad town of Khuwayn (liberated from militant factions two days ago), appears to be taking a very different direction to what was initial thought to be an advance on the jihadist stronghold of Khan Sheikhoun, located to the west.

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